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Keto Trim 247 gay men and just gay men practice anal sex, referred to in the Bible as sodomy. In the first place there are many gay men who do not engage in anal sex and who do not enjoy it at all. Secondly there are many straight couples who do enjoy anal sex more than genital intercourse. The idea that the sin of the people of Sodom was anal sex is also a misconception that I would not go into for the purpose of this list.


Being gay is a choice that some men make.
As the famous slogan goes, if I chose to be gay, when did you choose to be straight? Most straight men get nauseated by the idea of a gay relationship. Obviously they did not choose to be gay; they can't even consider the idea. The truth is that they were born straight and the mere thought of having a gay relationship makes them sick. This isn't true about all straight men, but about many. In exactly the same way some gay men get nauseated by the idea of a straight relationship. Nobody chose to be gay - you are born that way. Nobody in his right mind will choose a life where the majority of the population reject your choice.